Lisboa in 2nd place!!

I am very proud to let you know that Lisboa was voted the 2nd Best place to visit in 2015 in European Best Destinations. In 1st place came Bordeaux and in 3rd Athens. After 3 weeks of online voting, these were the winners out of 20 cities.

If you haven't been here yet, I'll be more than happy to assist you and show you around!

Tradition innovated

A long time ago it was very common to see girls and women with reed baskets to go shopping for groceries or to take out for a picnic, but it has fallen in disuse.

Now a young man in a small village near AlcobaƧa picked up his great-grandfather’s business, producing fashionable reed baskets the old way and with heart. These are all handmade in several sizes, have vibrant colours, can already be found in Barcelona, London or even in New Zealand and have been mentioned in several national and international magazines.

Toino Abel has become a successful and thriving business that brought back a traditional basket with a fresh and renovated look. A great gift!!

Hello world!

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